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Wednesday 26th January

Bernardo Sestini, EIGA President (2021-2022), SIAD S.p.A.

Christina Wolverson, SOC Chair 2022, Air Products Plc

John Vickers, Air Products Plc

Gaetano Paolillo, SOL Group

Michele Corvino, SOL Group

Dag Haugedal, Nippon Gases Norway

Tobias Vikberg, Linde Gas AB

Ian Davies, IGAS Technology Solutions Ltd

Giorgio Bissolotti, SIAD S.p.A.

Michelle Phillips, Linde Plc

Christina Wolverson, Air Products Plc

Giulio Cesare Foschi, SOL Group

Rudi Schaerlaeckens, Messer Belgium NV/SA

Thursday 27th January

Philippe Briet, Air Liquide S.A.

Charles Davy, Air Liquide S.A.

Mark Young, Air Liquide UK Ltd

Christoph Lennartz, Linde GmbH

Kyle Webb, Air Products Plc

José Miguel Ruiz Barceló, Nippon Gases Spain