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The EIGA Winter Seminar 2022 will take place virtually on 26th and 27th January via webinar

Packaged gases is one of the oldest and key activities for the industrial and medical gases industry. It provides unique challenges due to the processing thousands of cylinders every day such as manual handling, filling, re-testing, forklifts and transportation.

The industrial and medical gases industry has a good safety performance, however incidents can still happen due to poor ergonomics, falling cylinders, poor design, human error, …

The EIGA Winter Seminar 2022 on packaged gases will provide:

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The content and nature of this event make it relevant to a wide audience in order to further improve the industry’s safety performance.

Giorgio Bissolotti, SIAD S.p.A.

Giorgio joined Siad Company in 1987. During his career at Siad he has held numerous job positions in special gases, medicinal gases, metrological mixtures and wastewater treatments. He has worked in several EIGA groups including WG-4 (Special Gases), REC (Regulatory and Environmental Council) IGC (Industrial Gases Council). He is currently Research and Scientific Manager and Head of the two SIAD metrological institutions. In his career, he has written more than 40 articles and filed numerous patents in specialty gases, medicinal gases and in the field of wastewater treatment.